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We have been on here 3 months now and have posted photos every day. Not many likes, but I guess thats the normal. Dont really get the core bit, but we thought we would join in. Apart from a few statistics, you dont get much more. We hoped we would find some friends to share photos with. Not just sex shots, but photos of where you live and different lifestyles. Our wildlife shots have been well received, especially because we havent got any fuck off equipment. Just a compact and a camera with an 8 times zoom. Some of the guys on here are truly professional and they take amazing photos. Guess they would with 1000s spent on equipment and studios. We do like them , but our favourites are the Mr & Mrs photos, providing they have a bit of quality and are not just a blurred phone shot. Nick is not sure about the young girl shots, he has daughters at that age and it makes him feel uneasy.

The reporters piss me off more than anything, I personally think a good hard cock is better than a floppy one lol. Why do these guys view the mature content ? Most of them im sure are pervs. They are frustrated and their wives dont know they are looking at beautiful women on their computers.

We have put loads of photos on now. Wont be renewing the core and will just sit back and watch others. But before we go I would just like to say to the folk we have faved a lot, but never recipricated. You are just up your own arses. Our photos arnt that bad. I will get my coat lol


hoodley's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
Our photos will be a mixture of wildlife around our home and sexy photos of my lady. We are both hobbyists. We are still learning and any tips would be appreciated. We would love to have a go in a real studio. Bucket list I guess.



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itsmyccrets Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Haaaaaaaappy Birthday Nick
Marinastar Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015
Thanks  for the watch~ Floating
Arkonis Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015   Photographer
Thanks for the fav
kelly4ian Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015   Photographer
Thanks for following!
Darthsandr Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for faves! :)
Pugio-Signifer Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015
Let me try to explain *my* attitude on "Reporting".

I make frequent reports.

Among the things I have reported were:
Photos of women performing oral sex on male horses.
Photos of pre-pubescent boys, in their underwear, in handcuffs.
Galleries portraying "escorts" for hire in 3rd World countries.
Semen and ejaculation.
Vaginal or oral penetration.
Some of these things are illegal and highly repulsive to any civilized person.
The last in this list I have no personal objection to, I may even enjoy looking at, BUT there are adequate and abundant sources for such photos.  This is not a sight for pornography.  Sites do exist for pornography and I don't object to them, but when I browse new submissions I don't want, say a tastefully erotic art nude to be buried by hundreds of photos of anal penetration or penises dripping cum. If I want to look at semen, I'll produce some at home, or go to an actual pornography site.  I come here to display my attempts at art, and to see the art of others.
I've seen nothing in your gallery that I would want to Report, nor have I seen anything that violates DA's rules.  You have erotic photos in your Gallery.  Some are more artistic than others, but none are objectionable *by DA rules*.

You will likely get reported on by some prudish members.  It's unlikely you will have anything removed because you seem to follow the rules.
As long as the prudes don't affect you, laugh at them and let it go.
If they post abusive comments, "hide" them.  If they repeat, "block" them or report their misbehavior.
I have a feeling that if you see a photo of a human fellating a horse, you'll report it.
Likewise child exploitation.
Not all Reports are censorship, just as not all  nudes are art.

I hope you're enjoying the Community.
hoodley Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015
Thank you for your detailled reply. I myself would report anything that you mentioned, but not report photos of sexy couples having some fun. We have had several photos removed and I dont believe that they should of been. One was of my lady holding what looked like a sex toy. There was no penetration and she had her underwear on. Another was with my tongue near her pussy, but again she had her underwear on. There are also a lot of pictures of almost fully hard cocks on here that do not get reported. There does not seem to be any method of appealing when a photo is reported. I have seen other photos that have been reported and in my mind they are no worse than anything else on this site. For example two cocks touching. My view is that if you dont want to see this sort of stuff, dont view the mature content. There are plenty of us that dont mind this sort of thing and post photos regualary to report the perverts.
Pugio-Signifer Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015
I'm sorry you've been harassed.  What you describe is neither a rule violation nor a valid Report.

There are some Puritans here that object to adults enjoying their freedom.  Unfortunately, I think it's a coin-toss depending on which moderator takes the Report that decides the fate of a given photo.  I've reported flagrant violations that have been ignored.

Also, I agree, there should be an appeals process in place.

I hope you both continue to have fun here and that the vagaries don't drive you off.  We should be a varied and tolerant community.  That's pretty much what Art is supposed to be about.
Perseus67 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Professional Photographer
Thnxz for the :+fav:'s & :+devwatch: :-)
hoodley Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015
Thats ok. We like your stuff
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